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Our simple graphic design projects are suitable for those beginning to learn graphic design, beginning to build a creative portfolio, or who want to develop their design, artistic and idea-getting skills. Our projects also include clearly explained elements of ‘design for good’ in that they also tackle issues such as sustainability and wastage, working for and with others, and thinking about simple ethics in design’s making processes and communication.

You may need basic equipment, such as pens and paper and a phone camera to undertake the projects. You do not need design software, though you can use it if you have it. You will need access to the internet to receive the project and to explore online (though some of the projects can be completed without the internet, once you have saved the project document). See the panels for requirement details.

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Please note that the projects are PDFs of an average of 20 pages and will be emailed to the address on your Paypal details within 48 hours of placing of your order. Email us at either business@thegraphicdesignproject.org or at info@thegraphicdesignproject.org or fill out our contact form.


The Sketchbook Project

This is an introductory problem-solving project that will help you to understand how to undertake a project brief in design and sustainability. You can explore how and why designers use sketchbooks. You will design and make a contemporary, eco-friendly sketchbook for use in your future art and design projects. Recommended for newcomers to graphic design and those who want to begin to understand how to undertake a professional design process. The project also looks at sustainability as a current issue in design. Previous experience: none Level of difficulty: simple



Type Hunting

Type hunting means exploring the words and letterforms that are all around us ‘in the wild’ in our environments. In this project you will go on a photographic and sketching type hunt to explore the styles and secret messages of typography and letters. Making a poster concept of your finds will get you looking at and thinking about type in the wild with a designer’s eye, because typography is one of the most important elements of graphic design. This project is recommended for those who want to get to grips with some basics of graphic design, those who have never explored typography before and those who are curious about type in the environment. Previous experience: none Level of difficulty: simple


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